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JPAC's Indigenous Aeronautical Charts - jMaps

Indigenous Aeronautical Charts, JMaps

The data is being created for all the airfields in the country and the neighbouring airfields will be taken up as per the requirements projected by the users. It has been planned to scale the charts and maps to a size and format which can readily be printed by the user or ported on to any Mobile / Tablet / Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) / GPS receivers. We therefore propose to provide the following with monthly (28 Days) updates frequency

  1. A Aeronautical database driven chart for the entire country in layered PDF format containing all air routes, radio navigation aids, and all other layers relevant to the chart as shown in other popular charts but with a different symbology.
  2. The 1:1,000,000 scale maps for medium altitude flying, printable in A3 size with all information of abovementioned charts and obstacles on ground. Some prominent natural and manmade features like roads and railways are also shown along with hill shading to give a feel of terrain.
  3. The 1:500,000 scale map for low level flying showing the helipads, and more detailed terrain in addition to all features of 1:1,000,000 map. This is also scaled to the size of A3 size paper.
  4. The Arrival and Departure Charts made to suitable scale usually1:1,000,000 or 1:750,000 or 1:500,000 scales, printable on A4 size paper.
  5. The Approach Charts of precision and non-precision based on data available from AAI and showing terrain in the background.
  6. The Apron Charts made to a suitable scale, printable on A4 size paper.

The flexibility and customization offered by us cannot be matched by anyone. We can provide the following:

  1. The customised updates suggested by the user can be included and a new chart can be mailed to the user within a week of the receipt in addition to the regular updates from our own sources. That way you don't have to worry about any unseen or uncarted obstacle popping up.
  2. You can buy data only for the area of your operation, your primary and secondary diversions and not the entire Middle East and South East Asia and at very cost effective.
  3. You have a dedicated team of customer support round the clock, so we are always listening to you.
  4. The data is available in any format that you desire, to start with we use Georeferenced PDF Charts, which open on almost all platforms like Linux / Window / Android based.
  5. The look and feel of data can be customised to show the user desired features more prominently and the other unnecessary features can be generalised / masked or removed altogether.

The Details of the Data Used in These Charts

It may be noted that we did not buy any aeronautical data from anywhere, all the data was available at the website of AAI as e-AIP and its associated AIP Supplements. The latest GIS software was used to create data in the following manner:

  • All point features such as VORs, NDBs and Reporting Points etc. were sent using the exact Latitude and Longitude published by AAI up to the last place of decimal specified. Their symbols have been designed such that the data is clearly visible and de-conflicted for legible display.
  • All Line features such as ATS routes, variation lines, International borders etc. are digitised using snapping function whenever required so that it there are no spatial inconsistencies.
  • All area features were digitised based on the coordinates given by e-AIP and checked from various sources.
  • The scales of all charts were decided and designed in such a way that anyone could take a print on readily available A3 size paper or tile it for two A4 size pages for each chart.
  • In addition to the grid of Latitude& Longitude, scale bar is given in each chart.
  • All aeronautical and obstacle data in the vicinity of aerodrome is from e-AIP. The outer obstacle data has been collected from various other sources.
  • The entire database is in WGS-84 datum and the charts are in relevant UTM projection. The Database is projected in LCC (Lamberts Conformal Conic) as it covers the entire Indian Peninsula.

We estimate that we will be able to incorporate minor updates within a week and major one within a month.

The costs of the charts are likely to be nominal and easily affordable for all aviators. The database is also going to be made available airfield wise so that the aircraft operating in east in not forced to subscribe to the charts of Middle East. As the number of subscriptions increase the cost is likely to come down further.

The Nomenclature of charts

The charts are being planned in such way the desired layers could be switched on or off as per requirements. They are going to be available in following formats:

  • 1:1,000,000 charts showing all airspaces, routes and relevant details. They will cover an area of 3° east/west and 2° North/South. They can be printed on A3 size papers or used directly as digital data showing Latitude& Longitude. They are specially designed for transport aircraft operations. For sample Delhi area has been selected.
  • 1:500,000 charts showing all helipads airspaces, routes and relevant details. They will cover an area of 1& 1/2° East/West and 1° North/South. They can be also be printed on A3 size papers or used directly as digital data showing latitude &longitude. They are specially designed for rotary wing aircraft operations. For sample two areas have been selected one of Kolkata and another of Itanagar.
  • 1:1,000,000 charts showing SIDs/STARs and all airspaces with relevant details. They will cover a small area. They can be printed on A4 size papers or used directly as digital data showing latitude &longitude. They are specially designed for transport aircraft operations. For sample Delhi AVGON & IGINO arrival charts have been created.
  • 1:500,000 approach charts showing all airspaces, descent profile and relevant details. They will cover a very small area and can be printed on A4 size papers or used directly as digital data showing latitude &longitude. They are specially designed for transport or rotary wing aircraft using precision approaches. For sample Delhi ILS for Runway 27 has been created.
  • Apron charts have also been created for Delhi IGI airport with precise markings. the scale is 1:5000 approximately and it is printable on A4 size paper.


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