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Pipeline Information Management System (PIMS) is a web based solution, designed to monitor the construction progress on a real time basis. Data that is entered on daily basis is indexed using complex algorithms that leave no scope for discrepancies. Reports are generated in a telescopic format that helps to browse from the route map to details of each pipe laid. The solution is designed to provide real time information about pipeline laying progress during following three stages, Project Planning, Project Execution/ Construction, Operation & Maintenance. The software solution has the following features to handle, manage and query data for pipeline activities;
The Pipeline Information Management System is a web based solution, designed to
  • Act as a Monitoring System
  • For Planning purpose and help in making decisions
  • Web Based Online Solution with real time progress
  • Online Report Generation
  • Centralized Database
  • Archive Documents online
  • After Construction of Pipeline, use of the PIMS into Asset management System

PIMS solution is designed to satisfy the needs across different stages of life cycle
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution/ Construction
  • Operation & Maintenance.

PIMS Features
  • Web based GIS monitoring of pipeline construction activity.
  • Linking of surrounding landmarks and data with GIS co-ordinates.
  • Data updating on a daily basis.
  • Generation of Velocity Sheet for each/all activities.
  • Generation of S-curves on weight-age percentages.
  • Generation of alignment sheet using survey data.
  • Option to modify /edit alignment sheet.
  • Real time pipeline laying progress monitoring.
  • Monitor online, quality control records of progress.
  • Monitoring of material availability & quality documents.
  • Uniformity of documentation & reports.
  • Real-time creation of Pipe Book, weld book.
  • Real-time creation of welder performance reports, pipe reconciliation reports.
  • Pre-hydro test and pre-lowering compliance report generation.
  • Simultaneous monitoring from different locations, by contractor, consultant, client.

PIMS Application PIMS application is developed using PHP server side technology on Linux platform with backend database is designed on MySQL. Tools like AJAX & SMARTY are used to enhance performance. The main advantage is that it is platform independent and can work over existing Windows or Linux operating environments using the Apache server. This flexibility makes IMS fast, efficient, modular and secure. Apache server can be configured to support a network based system, where users can access data and reports from the server. Since it is Linux based, attacks from viruses and other malware is minimal. Nevertheless the server is protected by BitDfender Anti-Virus solution for Linux.

GIS Application is developed in MapServer:- MapServer is a full-featured GIS system, and excels at rendering spatial data (maps, images, and vector data) for the web. Beyond browsing GIS data, MapServer allows you create "geographic image maps", that is, maps that can direct users to content. The same application serves as a "map engine" for other portions of the site, providing spatial context where needed. Features of GIS technology
  • Advanced cartographic output
  • Scale dependent feature drawing and application execution
  • Feature labeling including label collision mediation
  • Fully customizable, template driven output
  • TrueType fonts
  • Map element automation (scalebar, reference map, and legend)
  • Thematic mapping using logical- or regular expression-based classes
  • Support for popular scripting and development environments
  • PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, and C#
  • Cross-platform support
  • Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, and more
  • A multitude of raster and vector data formats
TIFF/GeoTIFF, EPPL7, and many others via GDAL ESRI shapfiles, PostGIS, ESRI ArcSDE, Oracle Spatial, MySQL and many others via OGR Open Geospatial Consortium web specifications, WMS (client/server), non-transactional WFS (client/server), WMC, WCS, Filter Encoding, SLD, GML, SOS.


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